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If the person is in immediate danger within the UK call the

Police on 999​

For advice or to report a suspicion call the

Modern Slavery Helpline: 0800 0121 700

Contact the Safer Chelmsford Partnership on 01245 606606 

If you suspect that someone is a possible victim of Modern Slavery be aware of your own safety or that of the potentially trafficked person and don’t do anything to endanger either. Ask any questions sensitively and discreetly. Try to remember helpful details including the date, time, location, description of people and any vehicle.  Move to safety and take notes. Leave at the slightest hint of danger and keep well clear of the potential trafficker. Never investigate dangerous locations or go alone.

If you are in contact with a possible victim of Modern Slavery remember the following points:

  • Potential victims of modern slavery are likely to be extremely vulnerable. They may fear revealing their status or experiences to state authorities and will often mistrust individuals in authority. 

  • There may be language and communication barriers, including literacy or learning disabilities, as well as cultural considerations. 

  • Victims may present as unwilling to co-operate, especially if they are with their traffickers or other victims. 

  • Victims may not identify themselves as a victim of modern slavery. 



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If you suspect that someone is a victim of Modern Slavery, there are several UK numbers you can call or online forms to complete:

​Primary Numbers

Other Contact Numbers 


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Labour Exploitation 


Spot the Signs

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Sexual Exploitation 


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Domestic Exploitation 


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Forced Criminal Exploitation


Spot the Signs 

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