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Three hands logo of Chelmsford Against Slavery Partnership

Partnering towards a slavery-free Chelmsford


Acting through community partnership: We believe that through community and collaboration, we can prevent Modern Slavery and protect and support those escaping exploitation. We recognise the assets within local communities and encourage individuals to listen and learn from each other so that together we can tackle the root causes of Modern Slavery. As we assist in courageous and creative strategies for freedom, we aim to be unified, humble, and transparent.


Empowering: We stand with, and walk alongside, those suffering the injustices of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We seek opportunities to enable and empower individuals to experience life in all its fullness. We seek for survivors to be informed about their rights and to be equipped to make choices in pursuing freedom and recovery. CASP desires to be informed by survivors' experiences and to listen to their advice in order to shape our partnership.

Dignity and Respect: We believe that all are equal and have inherent dignity and worth. We desire to be emotionally intelligent towards those of varying cultures and beliefs, being open to learn from diversity and difference. We believe that dignity and respect bring freedom, restoration and transformation for individuals and communities. We desire to give a practical expression to the respect and responsibility we have to each other within our communities by being inclusive and welcoming of all. 

Pursuing Freedom: We believe freedom is a fundamental human right. We work for freedom, from persecution, oppression and slavery towards building and embracing fully human experiences of life. 

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